Custom & Special order Wood Art
Personalize your *Creative * Fabulous * Fun with a custom ordered Wood Monogram, Door Hanger, Name Plate, Wedding gifts.

What We Do

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From all of us at Kid Creations​​

Stepping Stones
We take the mess out but leave the fun in. Paint, glitter, glue & embellish a large pre-cured stepping stone. to create a *Fabulous work of art.​

We are a Kids Art Studio where Walk-ins are always welcome during regular business hours.
No appointment needed!
​Creative * Fabulous * Fun

Tie-Dye Tile Art
Learn the art of alcohol ink and be *Creative while making a wild and crazy tie-dye designed ceramic tile.

Our staff is experienced, fun, creative, and always willing to offer instruction on any project. We package each project most of which can be taken home the same day. 

String Art
​Kick in your fine motor skills with one of our *Fun String Art boards. The pre-drilled pattern makes is so easy to string your own beautiful art. Available for in studio, art camps, and Take Home Kits.

Mosaic Art
Create a *Fabulous work of art using all of our beautiful embellishments including high quality paints, glazes, stains, glitter, and jewels from our Wall of Gems.​

Paint-a-Pot Pottery
Be creative and paint, design, and embellish a clay pot. Paint-a-Pot is available in the Studio with painted cactus rock & flower embellishments.  Soil and a Blooming Seasonal Flower are available during our camps.

Plaster Painting
Fun artistic painting craft with hundreds of plaster figure choices. Each piece is glazed and sparkled ready to take home the same day.

3D Canvas Art
Design a *Creative 3D masterpiece using our pre-outlined or blank canvas. Paint, glaze, glitter, and embellish with other mixed media to create a one of a kind work of art.

Sand Art @ The Sand Bar
Choose from different bottles to fill with a rainbow of colored sand. Add goofy eyes, feathers, and a pom pom nose for added *Fun

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Encouraging Creativity

Fancy Glass Art
Design your own Fancy Mosaic piece of art with an extended choice of glass jewels and special instruction on jeweling techniques. Then add a Fancy finish with a beautiful hard glass pour. Age appropriate for 10 & up. *Fabulous